About Eby

I am Eby Aka, Author of “The Walk to the Stage of Honor” and “Awanita the Baby Deer”.

I am also Founder and CEO of Global Caravan for Education and Cultural Exchange (www.globalcaravan.org) and a youth mentor. This school year 2013-2014, I have the honor of serving as the Chairman of the Policy Council of the Alexandria City Early Headstart Program.

I was born and raised in Cote d’Ivoire where I studied and taught English in local schools, and French and African Studies at the International Christian Academy of West Africa (an American International School). Through my career both in West Africa and the United Sates, from Minnesota to the Washington, DC Metro area, I have been all about youth education.

I am not a stranger to the challenges and difficulties teenagers face. I know the areas where they are hurting the most. I grew up in an educational system that did not give most of the children of my generation a glimpse of what we could possibly become. My journey overcoming these low expectations is an example of what persistence allows you to become.

Today, through my books and my non-profit organization, I am working to help young people gain access to learning materials and build the moral armor they need to overcome challenges to rise above their circumstances to achieve their dreams and contribute to their local communities and global society.

I wrote this book with one key purpose in mind- to communicate a message that provides a moral compass for young people. At the same time I provide examples of empowerment, wisdom and inner strength.

Most of the children of my generation were not hindered from success because they were not smart or hard-working. Instead, we were trapped in the maze of a broken system.

Although the African continent is developing and demonstrating growth, far too many African youth remain in crisis with millions out of school. It is a great loss for the entire world, as each one of these young people is born equipped with something unique to make an impact and contribution to society. For me, the African educational system is in a state of emergency, and I just can’t sit by and watch. I have to do something.

My goal with my books and the educational organization (Global Caravan) is to provide additional tools to empower young people with a good education so that they might rise above their circumstances to achieve what they aspire to be and contribute to their communities and the global community.

The message I am sending through this work is not just for youth in Africa. It is for all young people regardless of their ethnic, cultural and economic background. It is intended to uplift them spiritually and morally as they prepare to lead tomorrow. Our goal today as teachers should be to train the youth to make them world citizens, future leaders of a global community; and cross-cultural education matters greatly to achieve that goal.


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